Lessons from the Cup

By Patty Boswell, Hound Backer (1998 – ), Registrar, and Dorm Lead

The tradition of Fox/Hound has withstood the test of time and continues to honor Foxcroft School’s founder, Charlotte Haxall Noland — aka Miss Charlotte — and the values she instilled in the School. Through Fox/Hound, Miss Charlotte continues teaching us the value of hard work and friendship, and the girls soak up these lessons and share them with New Girls each year.

We just finished a week of Fox/Hound events and the girls were exhausted yet exhilarated when they left for Spring Break. During the week, the Fox/Hound Officers and Mascots sang cheers, held Teas, announced basketball and dance teams, practiced for the games, and had Big Sing Sing. Their display of spirit pumped up the students and faculty, and by week’s end the air was thick with anticipation.

Through it all, the thing that is so clear is how much these girls care for each other. It is not uncommon to hear a Hound basketball team member wish a Fox basketball team member well in the game and vice versa. The games are very emotional and the girls play to win yet they don’t hesitate to help their opponent up if they fall or to apologize if they become overzealous in their efforts.

There is always a winner and a loser for every game according to the score, but in the game of life, we are all winners because of Miss Charlotte’s vision. She taught us that friendly rivalry is great and healthy but, in the end, our friendships are so much more important. We cheer for one another in our wins and encourage each other when things are tough. We never forget that we can go for that Cup again next year, but that the gift of friendship needs to be nurtured each and every day because it is even more valuable than the Cup.

After two decades as the Hound Backer and a few more observing the tradition, each year, I continue to be amazed by the outstanding young women at Foxcroft; they are our future and they are preparing well.

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